Thursday, September 3, 2009

school id stickers

School time,get organized. Identifying a binder's content can be just as important as identifying the owner. Make your own stickers that do both. You can join all the information on one sticker or make one Personalized Student ID Label for all supplies and unique stickers for each class or subject.

Using this style of making custom stickers you can adorn your belongings to your hearts content, easily and for pennies a sticker.

To identify your belongings, make your art work large so you can identify you personal items from across the room. Use clip art, graphic designs, personal photos or custom artwork to personalize and decorate your binders and notebooks.

To organize and identify your paper work, use a different color paper for your class stickers to help you organize your binders and folders.

When designing your student ID sticker, give some thought as to the contact information you place on the ID label. For example, you may NOT want to give out your personal phone number. We recommend a teacher's contact number.
Al though this stickers can be made and decorated by hand, I will show you how it is done using a computer, word processor and a printer.
Design your sticker. If you are making multiple copies, it might be advantageous to use a label template found with most word processors or supplied free from Avery Labels.
Print your page of stickers. Be creative and select bold colors for your paper stock. Remember if printing in color you colors will not be "true" if printed on color stock.
Place double stick tape (aka carpet tape or double sided tape) on the back side of the page.
Cut your stickers to shape. If your stickers are square or rectangle it is faster and more accurate to use a paper trimmer. If your labels are odd shaped use any sharp scissors.
Peel the backing off the double stick tape when ready to use.
That's it! You're done!
How simple and cheap can a personalize student ID label be? The most difficult part of this project is designing the custom label.
Here are 2 helpful tips for using this label making technique.
When selecting your double stick tape; avoid the cloth type carpet tape, it is harder to work with and does not lay as flat as vinyl based tapes.
Use mineral spirits to clean cutting tools.

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