Saturday, September 5, 2009

How does commercial printing work?

Talking about all the printing material you come across on daily basis, brochures and other printed material. The marketing material your company sends out the rack cards in a store. What does it take for these things to come into being? The process you are wondering about is the offset lithography and how it works. After having an idea communicated into a visual piece by a graphic designer are clients quoted request for detail specifications. The staff reviews the unique requirement for each job. In additions to size, quantity, stock and other information the estimator evaluates the price of doing that job. This is because the estimator can come up with the best price comparing with its competitors. The clients send by email an FTP or electronically produced art file. The prep department examines each file carefully whether it meets the standard needed to print the job properly. It is then send to the printing department for printing process. Finally, this printed stuff is packed into boxes and handled it over to the shipping department and it goes towards its final destination for the use of the end user.

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