Thursday, September 3, 2009

removable stickers and clings

People seek for alternatives in decorating their rooms, homes and offices. Decorating walls is not an easy job because the size and the kind of decorative print must be considered. People also think of producing a decorative material that will last for a long time, and can be reused if possible.
With decorating issues that most people face nowadays, some printing companies have found a solution in addressing the concern. People can now resort to printing companies to produce large format prints like wall clings and wall stickers.
A removable wall cling sticks to wall using static electricity. This decorative piece is printed on a static cling material. Wall clings are a best alternative for posters and banners, to be displayed and decorated on the rooms, homes and offices. Customers must seek for a reliable printing partner to start a wall cling printing project.
Clients can use their own designs, photos and images in printing custom wall clings. All they have to do is upload their digital image online though a printing company's website. Prospective clients can get assured that their digital files will be printed with high quality. This is possible because some online printing company provide digital camera enlargement guide for customers to know about mega pixels and resolutions of their digital photos. A customer can avail of printing service for a large wall cling in any size, with a minimum of 8" x 8" up to the maximum size of 59" x 100".
On the other hand, wall stickers are printed on an adhesive fabric that is applicable to more media. Adhesive fabric is similar to adhesive back; however, adhesive fabric can be printed in a larger format. Just like wall clings, removable wall stickers can also be printed in any size, with a minimum of 8" x 8", and a maximum of 59" x 100".
Removable wall clings and stickers are printed using UV inks that will make the printed materials fade-resistant. With this, clients can keep and use their stickers and clings for a long time without losing the quality of the colors and photos printed.

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  1. Removable stickers with the excellent sensible way of stickers are very simple to make and one can paste these on the advertising walls.