Saturday, September 5, 2009

How magazine printing works?

A magazine is something that is produced in large quantities and does not seem to be a big deal. Behind the scene there is a group of people who makes it totally effortless. Let us discuss how they do it. Before you print a magazine you have to create something called plates. The plate is a piece of aluminum that puts the ink onto a piece of paper. The plates are gone to the press and the press is where all the action is. Press is a huge machine about two hundred feet long and at one end it consumes sheets of paper. These rolls of paper are assumed to be as big as cars. The paper rolls through four presses, one for each color and each of them has the aluminum plates on them. Paper flows through press at the rate of hundreds of pages per second. Once all the pages are printed, they are bound together into a magazine. Finally the finished magazines are ready to go to be available in the market.

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