Friday, August 21, 2009

political stickers

American politics has taken U-turn in the recent years, specially during the 2008 presidential election.As a result of this change a new scope for political bumper stickers has been introduced. Where Obama made clean sweep in the history of us politics, the opposing parties also needed a plat form where they could express their political views. Political bumper stickers proved as the best strategy for the supporters of both Obama and McCain to let the people whom did they support.

During the presidential election of 2004 more intense campaign was noticed. Those who did not want the president to be re-elected drove the game of political bumper stickers, some of them included " W: Let's not elect him in 2004,either", which was referred to the Florida vote which played a key role in 2000 presidential election. "Fire the Liar" was also a famous one, referring to the lies which the president told with the nation.

Senator John Kerry also contributed his part of share in the use of political bumper stickers that demonstrated the people's dislike for the senator. For example, some noticeable that included "Better Bushed than Kerried" and "Kerry for President -of France" were amongst the popular. Other such bumper stickers illustrated " Kerry's scary" and " Flush the Johns stickers, which referred to both of the presidential candidate and his mate.

In this way political bumper stickers divided the American people in their political views. This was the scenario behind the Barrack Obama to become the president of united states of America. The change we needed !

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